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    Concurrent Exhibition

  1. 測定計測展/Measuring Technology Expo 2023
  2. センサエキスポジャパン2023
  3. TEST2023 [第17回総合試験機器展]
  4. 第32回 2023特許・情報フェア&コンファレンス

A merit to exhibit this Trade Show!

Automatic identification solutions can be offered to users.

Many users from industries such as manufacturing, distribution, logistics, retailing, and public services will attend this exhibition seeking efficient, safe, and reliable automatic identification solutions.

Many system integrators and vendors will attend, seeking cutting-edge equipment and technologies.

Because many system integrators and related vendors will attend this exhibition, it will be a great opportunity to expand your business and sales channels.

The exhibition will be a place for integration and collaboration with automatic identification related businesses.

This exhibition will be a great opportunity for collaboration between businesses and the acquisition of business partners, as cutting-edge equipment and products, solutions, and services related to automatic identification will be exhibited under the same roof, and many system integrators and vendors will be attending

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