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  1. Concurrent Exhibition

  2. 測定計測展2019
  3. センサエキスポジャパン2019
  4. TEST2019 総合試験機器展
  5. 地盤技術フォーラム2019

A merit to exhibit this Trade Show!

  • Zone Dedicated to Automatic Identification Technology, a Must in the IoT, Featured Again this Year!

    1. Mobile & Wearable Zone

      This zone features mobile terminals, mobile-connected devices, wearables, and the like.

    2. Imaging Zone

      This zone features imaging, the ultimate in automatic identification technology – including individual pattern identification using image identification technology (image processing, 3D measurement), barcode identification using image processing, and character recognition (OCR).

    3. Sensor Network Zone

      Sensors and Network Construction Services Zone—Key Technologies for the IoT and AI That Link Systems with Information from Objects

  • Many system integrators and vendors will attend, seeking cutting-edge equipment and technologies.

    Because many system integrators and related vendors will attend this exhibition, it will be a great opportunity to expand your business and sales channels.

  • The exhibition will be a place for integration and collaboration with automatic identification related businesses.

    This exhibition will be a great opportunity for collaboration between businesses and the acquisition of business partners, as cutting-edge equipment and products, solutions, and services related to automatic identification will be exhibited under the same roof, and many system integrators and vendors will be attending